Abroad, Greece

Καλημέρα Acropolis!

Don't worry, it's all Greek to me as well, but if you would like to pronounce how to say good morning try saying Kalimera, (Ka-lee-ME-ra)! Learning a few Greek words can change your experience in a Athens, Greece, for the best! When I said hello, good morning, and especially thank you, I saw heads turn towards… Continue reading Καλημέρα Acropolis!

Pennsylvania, The States

Secrets Of Jim Thorpe

Although the Olympian had never been there while he was alive, this small town in Pennsylvania decided to make this man a living legend! I think he would have enjoyed the town for its artsy shops, delicious food, and all of the hidden items that can be located around town! When a lot of people… Continue reading Secrets Of Jim Thorpe

The States, Utah

Searching Southern Utah

My first adventure out West had me renting a car from the Las Vegas Airport and driving all the way to Southern Utah! Being from the East Coast of the United States it was very weird not seeing trees everywhere. Kinda glad that when driving I didn't have to look out for deer jumping out… Continue reading Searching Southern Utah

Abroad, Ireland

Irresistible Ireland

Welcome to the home of lush green fields, medieval castles, and a lot of spray painted sheep! While studying abroad I had no idea that this country would become one of my many homes. I hear you are saying to yourself "I'm part Irish and I want to visit my old homeland, where do I… Continue reading Irresistible Ireland