Pennsylvania, The States

Secrets Of Jim Thorpe

Although the Olympian had never been there while he was alive, this small town in Pennsylvania decided to make this man a living legend! I think he would have enjoyed the town for its artsy shops, delicious food, and all of the hidden items that can be located around town!


When a lot of people say they cannot travel because money is a big factor, I say that  there are many cool American towns than may be about an hour away! If you don’t live in America American towns might be a bit farther, but there may be something by you as well!

At Jim Thorpe parking can be a bit of a hassle as it is a popular small town. There is a parking lot near the train station but make sure that you bring cash with you in order to enter! I always forget and end up making my way to the closest ATM…

One stop I always like to see is the ghost hand located through town at the old jail!


If you like local legends and spooky tales then this is the place for you! Somewhere in The Old Jail there is a hand print left by an innocent man who was set to be hanged. Although the hand has been scrubbed and repainted over, it is said to keep reappearing in the cell.

The above picture isn’t of the hand since you aren’t allowed to take photos of it, but if you like ghost stories then you’ll feel eerie in this haunted jail, especially looking at the charcoal hand.


Besides a ghost hand, there is a skeleton of a building that rests in the woods right above the town!


This one can be a bit tricky to find as it is hidden away off a side street and covered by flora. This sight is not accessible to the public but was stumbled upon as I was exploring. It’s a cool thing to look at, I just wish that I would be able to take a closer look! I was taking a literal back road up on Jim Thorpe and found it tucked away!

It looks as if it was once a house that possibly burnt down or fell apart, or maybe a wizard attempted to set up shop there. There are no sidewalks up this back road and cars are constantly on it, so be careful! One of my favorite things in this town is all of the hidden items here, I constantly feel like I am on a scavenger hunt!


Thankfully there are sidewalks on Broadway street so there is not as much worry about besides looking out for cars in the road when crossing. My mom used to come up here to buy her weight in soap, I wish I was kidding. Besides the town there is a lot of nature activities to do as well like river rafting and hiking!

Besides the wizard’s tower my favorite thing to visit in the woods is the tunnel!


This is another location I discovered by accident, but aren’t those the best discoveries? Right before a hiking trail there is a giant opening into the ground, big enough to walk through. Upon further inspection it was a tunnel! There are discarded railroad tracks and beams that you could easily trip on so it’s always good to keep out a flashlight.

The other side of the tunnel rewards you with a scenic view of the Lehigh River! If you have not found the tunnel entrance within 3 minutes of parking at the beginning of the trail then you have gone too far!


I always like going back to Jim Thorpe to rediscover these secrets as well as try to stumble upon some more! Jim Thorpe is also a lot of fun if they have a festival going on so maybe I will see you there!

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All of the photos (except the Hidden Tower) have been provided by Kyle’s mother Julie Dixon with permission to use for the sole purpose of this post, and have been found publicly on her Facebook. For more of her photography please email her at Thanks Julie!

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