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Hi all! So I have gotten a lot of questions from some of my followers about how I am able to travel to all of these places. Am I rich? Do I secretly have teleportation powers? Did I quit my full time job to join a traveling circus? Not exactly. I am going to share with you how to do it and help you travel to your dream destinations!

You are in either two places; You would love to travel but have no idea where you would like to go, or you don’t think your “dream vacation” is within reach. First I would like to share with you some reasons that people don’t travel. These are actual reasons I have heard from some of my friends:

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*It’s too expensive

*I don’t know how

*It’s not safe

*I only speak English

*I hate flying

*I have no one to travel with

*I don’t have time

*I can go on Google Earth from my room and go anywhere in the world, why would I travel (you know who you are)

Although the last point is debatable my opinion is that there is a difference in just seeing a place from experiencing a place.


Before I give my answers to the reasons above I would like to first help you decide where you would like to go. There are so many different countries to choose from that sometimes it can be tough, especially if you have never traveled before. My first assignment for you is this:

Look at pictures.


That’s right, my first advice is going online and look at pictures. What draws you? What’s the one picture that always fill you will happiness/awe/wonder? What pulls you there? Checking out images on Google or look at travel books with a lot of pictures is a great way to start!

So now you either found the picture or have had one in mind, so my next task for you is to do some research. Don’t worry this isn’t where I task you to write a 50 page thesis on the place you would like to visit with cited sources, it’s fun research where you get to discover what else you would like to do in the area!


What you will want to know first is how accessible is the place you would like to see. Is it just a plane ride or would it require more planning?

To figure this out I usually go on Google Maps to see where the place is located, but also begin to make a trip out of it as well.


What else is in the area that you would love to see? Let’s use Greece as an example. I am looking up pictures and I stumbled across the Parthenon. I have never been to Greece so decided that this would be my next trip. I then got to work looking up “top 5/10 best things to see in Greece” posts as well as clicking around in Google Maps to see what it was near.

I now have an idea of where I want to go, but now what? Isn’t Greece expensive? Time to figure out the money.


When I think of travel I think about the money sign that comes along with it. Especially with travel, I will almost always overestimate. It may mean saving up a bit but let’s do some real talk, unless you are a big shopper you will mostly only spend your money on a place to stay, food, and transportation.

If you are going international try looking up when the country is having an off season, or for us Americans if you don’t mind missing Thanksgiving not many folks seem to be traveling out of the country that week.


Next is booking a hotel or a hostel, depending on your comfort level. Definitely read reviews of either, as you may have some unexpected charges while staying in a hostel. I once had to rent pillows and a blanket while I was staying in a hostel, but they are a pretty cheap way of traveling.

For transportation, check out to see if there is Uber in the country, learn how to use the metro, buses, or find out if everything you want to see is within walking distance.

For food I try to calculate spending $50 a day unless I want to go to fancy restaurant in the evening. The next thing is the hardest step; Booking the flight.

I wasn’t being sarcastic either! This is the determining factor whether or not your dream will finally become a reality. Once you click the “book” button to purchase your flight you are now on your way to your destination! After you do this it becomes part of your schedule and is now an obligation!


The cool thing about having a flight scheduled is that you know you are finally going, no more telling yourself excuses. Instead of telling your friends where you wish to go, now you can tell them where you will be going!

Now to break down the reasons above:

It’s too expensive- Honestly you may have to save up some cash to book everything, but if you really want to go you will find the money to do so.

I don’t know how- Hopefully my advice and tips are helpful! I am just sharing my experience and what works for me and hopefully it will work for you as well! It may even just start with a cool picture!

Sintra 1

It’s not safe The best way to find this out is to look at a Travel Advisory. I found one that the United States uses and it colors all of the countries that are determined safe to travel to!

This is also where research will come in, places to avoid, and my golden rule to not let strangers approach you or touch you. I have been in sketchy situations, but sometimes asking the hotel where not to go is your best bet!

I only speak English- Unfortunately, so do I, but this has not stopped me from traveling all around Europe or even as far as China! As of writing this I have been to 15 different countries!

English is pretty standard nowadays so you shouldn’t have a difficult time finding someone who at least speaks a little of the language. My recommendation is to at least learn how to say “hello”, “good night”, and “thank you” in the local tongue, being polite can go a long way!


I hate flying- Airports are a pain in the neck, but my final destination is well worth it! I bank on the statistic that being in a car is much more dangerous than a plane.

I have no one to travel with- This can be a tough one, especially if you like the comfort of others. Originally, I was going to go to Ohio by myself but one of my best friends said that they would like to go with me. Always ask your friends, who knows, maybe they will want to come too!

I don’t have time- If you make traveling a priority then you will find the time! It can be difficult if you are not used to booking a flight or making the time for the adventure, but if you really want to go you will find a way!

I can go on Google Earth from my room and go anywhere in the world, why would I travel- Hopefully my blog has given you a reason to travel, and if not that just means that I should provide you with some more awesome examples!

Hopefully you have taken the steps to plan your next adventure! I have some new trips in mind and can’t wait to explore and share them with you!

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2 thoughts on “Travel Like Kyle!”

    1. Hey Robin!

      Thank you!!

      One of my most memorable moments was when I was in Germany sitting on a hill in the ruins of a castle watching sheep during sunset, you won’t find that on any tour itinerary! Sometimes you just have to take a breath of fresh air (unless you are surrounded by sheep that is) and just say “wow, i’m really here. I did this.”


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